???'s eyecatch from BSB

??? is a mysterious netrider who appears sporadically throughout Bear Stearns Bravo, his eyes constantly blacked out by a censor bar. He is known to hang out at the Arcade, where he helps Henri beat Billie Diamond at a game there.


  • ??? is played by Matthew O'Connor.
  • ???'s Bravodex entry reveals the following information about him:
    • Blood Type: A+
    • Fighting Style: Hacking
    • Destined Profession: Bit Jockey (87% certainty)
    • Rising Tarot: Chance 1
    • Falling Tarot: Fog Of War
    • Famous Quote: “Get your bytes outta my face!”
  • For some reason, ???'s Bravodex picture depitcs him as bald, despite ??? having a full head of hair.




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