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The Five's yearbook entry in Second Impact. From left to right on the bottom row, the Gurus are numbered: 2, 1, 4, & 3. Guru #5 towers above them in the background.

The Five Gurus, a.k.a. The Five, are a mysterious group of characters appearing in Bear Stearns Bravo, Horse eBooks & Pronunciation Book. They also appeared individually in the Bravospam art exhibit, on 9/24.


  • #3 is a library patron at the LA Public Library, and can be spoken to there in Second Impact.
  • #2 can be spoken to at Bertrand's exhibition in Second Impact, where she will give a second opinion on the art present; she admits, however, that she hates good art.
  • #5 can be met, but not interacted with, in the elevator scene in BSB.
  • The Five Gurus are played by the following actors:
    • #1—Jackie Zebrowski[1]
    • #2—Jared Warner[1] [2].
    • #3—Nikhil Rao[1]
    • #4—Julia Johns[1]
    • #5—credited only as "Goldwyn"[1]
  • Each of the actors who played the Five Gurus (bar Goldwyn, #5) played the stars of the Sexual Harassment Video by Rocko di Pietro.
  • A book in the library makes mention of "five gurus", a reference to The Five.


  • The career science card, "the Five Friends", may somehow relate to the five, as they are--naturally--five friends.
  • There may be other gurus than these five, as Glyph implies he is one in the Desert Ending[3]


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