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So I’ve been pretty regularly looking at this list of the “How to Say” videos put together by another contributor ( and it dawned on me that the many of the words share the same first letter: A, E, F, H, J, L = Ann, Ed, Franco, Hal, Jackie, Lasso. This first set of “How to Say” videos also comes right after the “Basic English: How to Say Letters” set. Not all of the letters necessarily correspond, but I believe this is the start of a coded message. I also think the newest message about the “system” and the previous message about a connection between the two “systems” could be referring to the “How to Pronounce” videos and the “How to Say” videos. I think there is a coded message laying in wait for us and this might be the start. We may need a keyword to decode it though. Any help on solidifying or debunking this theory is more than appreciated.

UPDATE: So I ended up taking all the first letters after “How to Say ...” and wrote them all down. It was meaningless and there were a lot of doubles. So I eliminated any and all letters that appeared more than once and I was left with “IWKQ.” It was meaningless to me so I googled it and found a YouTube Account with the same name, found here: It has about 5 or 6 videos of Czechoslavakian children and young adults performing what appears to be Firefighting drills. Again: meaningless. But after one of the videos they randomly recommended the entire album Nevermind by Nirvana. Just out of curiosity I looked up what the release date was and ... yup, you guessed it: September 24, 1991. I still think the youtube account is unrelated but if anyone wanted to snoop around, please let me know if you find anything.

NEW UPDATE: Nirvana is releasing a new edition of the album "In Utero" on September 23rd of 2013, just one day before the countdown finishes!

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