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Rocko Di Pietro grayscale

Rocko di Pietro is an artist. The player never gets to talk to him, but he can be seen in several places:

Artwork Edit

Rocko is a very versatile artist, specializing in many branches of art but with a focus on financial art; he relies heavily on mortgages in his work. He has created various art pieces, among them:

  • Harassment In Your Office Or School (Video)
  • The Revolving States of Praxis (Mortgages, 35mm film)
  • The Legend Of The Vortex Mortgage (Oil on canvas)
  • Something's Fishy (With Our Financial System) (Mortgage, glass, plastic, water, gravel (coloured), Betta splendens)
  • Fung-Wa Frenzy (Interactive video installation)—derided by critics as "unpalatable"[1].
  • What Time Is It? It's Time To Wake Up (And Open Up Your Eyes) (Mortgages, acrylic)
  • Elephant Skeleton (Mortgages)
  • Verizon Hub Commercial (Video)





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