• Grthink

    Dollar Crime

    September 5, 2013 by Grthink

    Bear with me: I'm actually lucid, but there's a few dots to join up.

    First: I've been waiting patiently for my activation email to be sent from the forum, so that I can post and contribue there, but nothing so far. Is anyone reading here able to help out at all? Are new accounts being moderated by someone?

    Next: I say 'waiting patiently' -- I've been checking my email every half hour or so. I check the inbox, and then the Spam folder. Never anything board related in either. But I have got a lot more familiar with my spam emails than I normally would. One that came through earlier today was for stock tips -- as it's spam it's probably a scam that I don't understand, but that's not important right now: what's important is the train of though i…

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